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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet a Real Fairy.....

Fairies are mythical creatures that often appear in stories but this is real.
Here is the picture of a real fairy. She is adorable, charming and Magical.  Her name is J.
She loves to spread fairy dust all over and love to play with her other fairy friends.  Her pretty and melancholic eyes, her almost transparent skin, beautiful smile and curly hair is one of the best descriptions how a fairy is.
Her wings are pretty, sometimes fragile and some other strong.   She lives in the woods but sometimes fly to different places to find what she needs.  When she wants a new dress, she fly to a garden and choose the most amazing petals to make her own dress.  When she is thirsty she fly to a fountain with clear and fresh water. When she wants to play, she fly to a playground made just for fairies....when she wants to sleep she fly to her favorite tree where she has her own fairy house....This is J our new Fairy at Fairy Wings Boutique....  You will see her shortly again….