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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't Forget Your Wings

As life happens, we grow up.  Our spirit grows old.  It's the natural way of things.  Our bodies give into the pressure of time, and eventually, we stop believing.

The other day I was listening to a good friend of mine.  She loves fairies, unicorns, and castles.  She also believes she has real wings.  The idea first struck me as silly. "Ok, I get it, you love fairies", was my initial state of mind in front of such incredible assumption.  But as I kept listening, it kind of made sense.

She kept telling me her story.  She's a lovable woman, full of laughter , with sparkling eyes and a fantastic sense of style.  Kids simply adore her.  They approach her at the mall, giggle with her, and naturally connect with her.  She told me how one evening, while reading a tale to a 5 year old, she found out she had wings.  The little girl kept looking at her back.  She noticed the girl wasn't paying attention to anything she was reading out loud, so she stopped and warned her that she would stop reading unless she focused.  The girl simply replied, "Your wings are blue".  She could she the amazement in the girl's eyes, wide open, expecting for something magical to happen right there.  She just followed the girl's imagination, and instead of reading someone else's story, they began crafting their own magical space.  Since then, she firmly believes she has long, translucent, blue fairy wings.

I have been worrying too much lately.  Trying to start up a business is hard work, and sometimes doubt fills my heart.  But after listening to my friend's story, I have come to the conclusion that I must find my wings.

Believe in magical things.  Believe things can happen.  Believing is the fuel that drives the soul into grander things.  Don't forget your wings on your way out.  You will need them to escape into the wonderful world of dreams.  And we all need to dream...

-Paula P. is a contributor and photographer for Fairy Wings Boutique.  You can see her work at
At Fairy Wings Boutique she is known as " Pixel Nymph "

1 comment:

... daisy... said...

keep on believing... no one can take away your wings, but you could lose the ability to fly... so keep on believing! Marvellous piece of writing...