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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enchanted Fairy Garden

Did you know color can play a roll in your enchanting fairy garden and bringing luck and prosperity?

Purple Flowers - Fairies are definitely attracted to this enchanted color of flower. Purple is a color of mystery, enchantment, spirituality and passion. Purple is also a favorite color of fairy royalty.

Pink Flowers - Pink flowers flourishing in your fairy garden will attract the more gentle and quiet fairies as pink flowers represent kindness, gentleness, friendship and love.

White Flowers - Magical white flowers will attract fairies of every kind into your fairy garden. White is an inherently magical color representing loyalty, tranquility, innocence, truth and protection. White flowers also attract fairies by night representing the world of sleep, dreams, and tied to the lunar cycle.

Red Flowers - Fairies and their feathered hummingbird friends are attracted to vibrant red flowers symbolizing desire, love, creativity, energy and inspiration.

Blue Flowers - Blue flowers will flourish in your fairy garden as they portray fantasy and intrigue. Blue flowers also represent serenity and secret intuition.

Orange Flowers - Orange and gentle peach flowers are colors of joy, pride, and positive energy. Playful fairies will flock around orange flowers in joy.

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an apple of.. said...

hye.. i've follow ur blog,just because i like so much, and.. can i know where u got the enchanting pictures for ur blog ?